Digi’s Postpaid 58 offers up to 30GB/month if you stay loyal to them

Apart from Postpaid 80, Digi has also revised its entry-level Postpaid 58 which now comes with welcome and loyalty bonus. By default, the plan offers unlimited calls and 10GB of all-day internet for RM58/month. However, with the additional bonuses, you’ll get three times the data after two years of tenure.

Previously, the plan comes with 5GB of all-day data and 5GB of weekend data along with unlimited calls. For 2020, Digi has revised its postpaid plans to offer all-day data and this means you’ll get 10GB per month that can be used 24/7.

For new customers, you’ll get a welcome bonus of 5GB per month for the first six month. On top of that, there’s a loyalty bonus where Digi will add an extra 5GB of data per month every 6 months (up to a maximum of 2 years). This means you’ll get the following data allocation:

1st – 6th month = 15GB/month
7th – 12th month = 15GB/month
13th – 18th month = 20GB/month
19th – 24th month = 25GB/month
25th month onwards = 30GB/month

Unlike Digi’s more expensive plans, you don’t get free 5GB free-roaming, 60 minutes of roaming calls and 60 mins of IDD calls to 10 countries. If you need it, it will cost you RM35/month.

According to the FAQ, the Loyalty Bonus is given for a lifetime as long as you stay on the same plan or upgrade to a higher option. The extra quota will be forfeited if you switch to a non-eligible plan. In a way, this is a practical plan for casual users that require 15GB/month and you will gain more quota as you stay longer with Digi.

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If you need more data, there’s the Postpaid 80 plan which comes with 30GB of all-day data. There’s a 10GB/month Welcome bonus for the first 6 months and you can get up to 40GB/month with the Loyalty bonus. After two years, you’ll get a total of 70GB a month on the same plan.

For more info, you can check out Digi’s Postpaid page.

Alexander Wong