Digi offers unlimited calls and 10GB of data at RM58/month

Posted:  December 8, 2017   By:    19 comments   

Digi Postpaid 58 Unlimited Calls

For those who need more voice calls than data, Digi has just introduced its new Postpaid 58 plan that comes with unlimited calls and 10GB of data at RM58/month. This is basically their Digi Postpaid 50 plan that’s upgraded from 100 minutes to unlimited calls for an extra RM8/month.

Apart from having unlimited calls to all networks in Malaysia, the Postpaid 58 plan comes with 10GB of data which is split between 5GB for all-day use and another 5GB for the weekends. If you can’t finish your data, the plan comes with an Internet Rollover of 1GB. There’s no bundled SMS included and it costs 10 sen per message.

For those who travel a lot may top up RM30/month for Digi Roaming Freedom. This gives you 5GB of data roaming and 60 minutes of calls which can be used in 10 countries. For more info, you can visit Digi’s postpaid page.

If you need more all-day data with unlimited calls, you could also consider Digi’s Super Tererrr plan on prepaid. For RM58/month, you get 24 hours of unlimited calls to all networks, 12 hours (12 am – 12pm) of unlimited data and 8GB of high-speed data.

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19 Comments for Digi offers unlimited calls and 10GB of data at RM58/month


Still better to use the prepaid super terrer vs this postpaid. Plus its slightly cheaper since prepaid plan do not have GST.


    Have to agree on this. Prepaid seems to be more worth compared to postpaid


still have T&C.
pls copy P99


Unlimited call but cut out sms bundle and need pay more rm8. Lol dont cheat people again Digi.


The difference between the postpaid and prepaid is:

The prepaid so called unlimited calls are just between digi users while postpaid applies to all networks.

Prepaid also has time limit between 12am – 12pm. If you are using it as a working personnel, you could only call on the morning.

I personally thinks the offer is affordable and by far cheapest postpaid package for unlimited call user. Although the network coverage and the speed would be a problem. Other than that, it’s worth it.


    Unlimited calls for Super Tererrr RM58 is to all networks while Super Tererrr RM38 offers unlimited calls between Digi to Digi lines.


      Its nice but in my area the line of digi here is too poor…. can you fixed this problem here area telupid sandakan sabah road telupid going to tungod mostly part of langkabong area always disconnected…. now my plan is RM58/month…..


    the call is 24×7 while the unlimited internet is 12×7.
    Please dun give wrong info….


    Bro. u better go and read the article again. Your summary is way, way off..

    Chiang Kong Suai

    One xox prepaid card can buy voice data which is only 9cents … And is 28 months no needs to top up.
    No contract.
    Free to port out anytime.


i use digi prepaid with 38 plan free 500mins to all network …. after 20 days , i still have balance 400 mins to finish in 10 days ….

this is best 'unlimited' plan for me…..


use p38

Ken soong

Coverage very poor


    Yeah, I have to totally agree with you on this. I have been using Digi postpaid for more than 10 years now and up till this day.

    One thing that Digi fails the most is their 4G coverage and speed. And I can tell you their coverage is really bad most of the time. Their grey area are almost every where! Take the LRT from PUDU station all the way to SRI PETALING station and you will get what I mean.

    The only thing that got me sticking to DIGI all this years is their unbeatable price package. Not even their phone package is any valuable if you calculate from sen to sen. If it's not because of their good package, I would have jump ship long time ago.


      *Good postpaid package not phone package.


      i have to disagree based on my personal experience.. I've been using both Celcom postpaid (company line) and digi prepaid (personal line) for past few years and i can say that digi's coverage and capacity is much better that Celcom. Heck, i can even get good speed and coverage in urban area plus small towns such as mersing, kuala klawang, jengka, jerantut, serting, wang kelian with exception of very ulu area.

Izhar Kahar

Hi all, I would like to share mine too. In the beginning I was impressed by Digi promotion and package. The Digi promoters is so impressively promoting the 4G coverage & speed. In the 1 month YES is was excellent & the best BUT on ward it is terrible & getting worse. I have done & file a complaint at the customer service BUT it still bla…bla.. Digi please improve on this……

Mohd Hasimuddin Kushairi

Digi current reception quality is far from good even in the centre of KL. Complained to DigiHelpline and was promised to solve it within 2 weeks…now months already but the congestion issue still persist.

Tony Ang

why want to weekday & weekend data split?
maxis finally revise the plan