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Here are the Note 10 features coming to the Samsung Galaxy S10 series

In addition to the upcoming Android 10 update, Samsung has announced a new software update that’s rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+ and S10 5G. The update brings a host of new features from the current Galaxy Note 10 flagship series. You can expect smarter multimedia and WiFi features that make sharing of content and connectivity easier.

For starters, the default gallery makes it easier to find your favourite photos and you can search based on keywords. For example, you can search for photos taken of cats, dogs or food.

The Quick Panel now has a section for Media and Devices, which allows you to control your multimedia experience with a single device. If you have a Samsung Smart TV or other compatible smart devices, you can also control them from this panel as well.

To make data sharing easier across your family of devices, there’s also an auto hotspot feature which turns your Galaxy S10 into a WiFi Hub. If you have other Samsung devices with the same account or on other family accounts, you can grant them permission to access your hotspot automatically.

The WiFi settings section now comes with intelligent tips to help you troubleshoot common connectivity issues that you may encounter.

In the photography department, the software update will bring Super Steady Mode as well as AR Doodle that can be done with no S Pen required. In low-light scenes, the S10 also gets Night Mode for the selfie camera.

The Samsung Dex has been updated as well and it now supports the Video Editor in Dex Mode. This allows you to edit and personalise your videos on a desktop setup.

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According to Samsung, the rollout for this update will vary depending on country and carrier. Have you received the update yet on your Samsung Galaxy S10? Do let us know in the comments below.


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