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Samsung Galaxy S10: Here’s what to expect from the Android 10 update

Samsung will be pushing its latest Android 10 update to its existing Galaxy smartphones very soon. For those who want to take a peek, Samsung has announced a beta program for the Galaxy S10 users in selected countries.

Apart from having the latest Android version, Samsung has also updated its One UI interface that comes with a couple of tweaks and new features. The folks at Sammobile have managed to get their Galaxy S10+ running on One UI 2.0 beta and here are some features that you can look forward to.

Smaller pop-ups

To allow you to focus better with fewer distractions, you can expect slimmer pop-up interfaces with the upcoming One UI 2.0. While playing games, the pop-up for incoming calls will take up less space and the volume control bar is also made thinner.

Improved Dark Mode

Dark Mode which was first introduced on Samsung devices with One UI has been tweaked further for a more comfortable visual experience. Now the dark theme expands to the home screen which makes it clearer to view your text and icons.

New Digital Wellbeing features

To keep your digital wellness in check, Samsung has added new features to its digital wellbeing app. There’s a focus mode that you can use to pause apps for a couple of hours to minimise distractions during work. It also appears that you can even set a daily limit for each app. Also tweaked is the device care app which is used to optimise your phone’s performance.

iPhone-like gestures

For those who don’t want the always-on three Android navigation buttons, One UI 2.0 also brings new full-screen gestures which are similar to the latest iPhone series. When enabled, swiping up will bring you to the home screen and you can swipe up and hold, to view your recent apps. To go back, you can swipe from either left or right.

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New Camera UI

Another notable change is the camera app interface. Instead of having all camera modes cluttered at the bottom, they have simplified the interface to just Photo, Video and Live Focus by default. For other modes such as slow-mo, panorama, Pro and Night Mode, you’ll have to go to “More”. According to Sammobile, you are able to add your favourite modes to the main interface by dragging them out manually.

If you pinch to zoom in or zoom out, the app will display four preset buttons such as 0.5x, 1.0x, 2.0x and 10x at the bottom of the screen. This makes it easier to quickly jump to your preferred focal length in one tap.

Screen recorder with PIP selfie

Introduced with the Galaxy Note 10, the screen recorder feature is finally coming to the Galaxy S10 series. This allows you to screen record your phone’s interface and you can also include audio from your phone as well as the microphone. For a personalised touch, you can even add a selfie video and set the size for the picture-in-picture interface.

Power management

Other changes include new device care and battery usage interfaces. Not only it’s simplified but you can also view your usage history for the past 7 days. If you use the Galaxy S10’s Wireless PowerShare feature, the new update allows you to set a higher minimum battery limit. At the moment, it automatically cuts off power for reverse wireless charging if your phone’s battery is down to 30%.

These are some of the notable updates that we know so far for OneUI 2.0. According to Sammobile, Samsung has tweaked its animations to make it feel smoother and there are also new edge lighting effects as well. Overall, OneUI 2.0 isn’t a major revamp but it’s a minor update that brings additional refinements.

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