Unifi Pay Nothing Promo: It may take up to 5 working days to process your bill waiver request

If you’re existing Unifi broadband customer and not planning to change to another provider anytime soon, TM is currently having a Pay Nothing promo where you can enjoy free broadband until the end of the year. To get this offer, you would need to renew your contract for another 24 months. However, if you don’t want to be billed for the upcoming bill cycle, you would need to act fast.

It has been three weeks since the campaign had started and if you haven’t renewed your plan, you will be charged the full amount if you’ve passed your billing cycle. You will only get to enjoy the free bill waiver after you’ve received confirmation from TM.

We know some users have been billed as they have only received their renewal confirmation after their billing cycle. As stated in the FAQ, they will process your renewal within 3-5 working days. This means if you’ve applied on a Friday, you probably will be renewed latest on the following Friday if there’s no public holiday in between.

To recap, the waiver will be applicable until the 31st December 2019. Below are some examples from TM’s FAQ:

The campaign is a good move to reward existing Unifi subscribers but do note that you will be tied to another 24-months contract. Another thing worth pointing out is that if you intend to terminate during the contract period, you will have to pay the remaining months balance as a penalty. This means if you’re on the RM89 Unifi 30Mbps plan with unlimited quota, you will have to pay RM890 if you have 10 months remaining. As a comparison, on certain plans, the penalty for early termination is a one-off RM500 without the Pay Nothing promo.

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