TM provides assistance at KLIA by deploying Unifi Air

While Malaysia Airports is still in the process of stabilise its network at KLIA, TM has lent a helping hand by providing an alternative connection. They have deployed Unifi Air at the Main Terminal Building, Gate A, Gate B and at the Satellite Building.

Unifi Air is a wireless broadband solution that operates on TM’s 2.3GHz TDD-LTE network and it promises to deliver a stable connection of 20Mbps. It uses Huawei’s B618 router that’s capable of connecting 64 devices. According to TM, MAHB is one of TM ONE customers and they support the airport operator in their hour of need. Since it requires no wiring, Unifi Air is an easier solution to provide instant connectivity.

At the moment, Unifi Air is currently offered only for Streamyx customers that are within TM’s 2.3GHz coverage areas. It is estimated that 35,000 Streamyx customers are currently within the coverage. The device comes with unlimited quota and it’s officially priced at RM79/month. The wireless router is provided for free with a 24-month contract.

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