Unifi Air offers wireless broadband with unlimited quota at RM79/month

Apart from reducing the subscription fee for Streamyx customers, TM has also introduced Unifi Air that promises to offer fibre-like speeds through a wireless solution. This will be offered only for Streamyx customers that are within coverage.

The Unifi Air wireless plan offers unlimited quota for only RM79/month. According to TM, you can expect a stable 20Mbps connection which is significantly faster than copper-based Streamyx. They added that Unifi Air runs on TM’s 2.3GHz TDD-LTE network.

According to TM, there are approximately 35,000 Streamyx customers that are within their TDD-LTE coverage and TM will be contacting these customers to offer them the option to upgrade. The wireless modem is provided for free and the plan will be tied to a 24-month contract.

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Alexander Wong