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webe is focused on building a high capacity network in 2017

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Barely 3 months into full commercial service, webe has shared its upcoming 4G network plans that will commence very soon. At the moment, webe operates on FDD-LTE at 850MHz (Band 5) which is great for signal penetration and wider coverage. In the next phase, webe will be focusing on building up network capacity to support more users and to create new wireless possibilities.


Beginning Q1 2017, webe will be rolling out 2.3GHz TD-LTE coverage which will provide a higher capacity on top of its existing 850MHz LTE network. According to the chart shown above, this would possibly deliver faster speeds up to 110Mbps. For the first phase, webe will be targeting 5 key areas in Malaysia namely the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Penang, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

To take their network further, webe will be supporting LTE-Advance through carrier aggregation. To do this, it will use both 20MHz and 10MHz blocks of its 2300MHz spectrum. As a safety net, webe has domestic roaming with Celcom to provide a nationwide coverage in places where webe isn’t available.


Ultimately, webe is aiming to provide even faster speeds and bandwidth with its 3 carrier aggregation. This will use both FDD (850MHz) and TD-LTE (2300MHz 20MHz + 10MHz) bands which could deliver speeds up to 300Mbps. The folks at webe had a set up a demo shown above which showcases its capabilities to push 300Mbps.


In terms of compatibility, most new smartphones today are able to support both 850MHz (Band 5) and 2300MHz (Band 40) bands. webe has also shared that 75% of its subscribers are tapping onto their 850MHz LTE network and 58% of them are able to support both bands. As a comparison, Yes LTE network operates on TD-LTE supporting both 2300MHz (Band 40) and 2600MHz (Band 38). Meanwhile, the other main LTE telcos are utilising both 1800MHz (Band 3) and 2600MHz (Band 7) on FDD-LTE.

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For its ultimate goal of having 3 carrier aggregation (FDD+TD LTE), we are told that the solutions are ready but it depends on manufacturers to support them in the upcoming smartphone models to come. China and India will be a key driver in this area and webe wants to be ready once the technology has matured.

webe for home

During the media briefing, it was hinted that webe will be going beyond just mobile. Currently it is focused on providing unlimited calls, text and data on smartphones, and they charge extra for those who wish to tether. With a large capacity network, webe is looking at connecting homes where fibre connectivity isn’t possible.

Since their network exercise is to switch on TD-LTE at 2.3GHz, we believe this also marks a transition of its WiMAX broadband (P1 WiMAX) to LTE. The fixed broadband service running at 2.3GHz is still in service and eventually it will be phased out. According to webe, the roll out for TD-LTE 2.3GHz can be done quickly and we think it’s seamless for them coming from WiMAX.

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30 Comments for webe is focused on building a high capacity network in 2017


SC, u sure the current Webe network on 850MHz now? The photo of the prezo slides show NOW is 2300MHz. Only TM is holding 850MHz licenses and was used for its CDMA network.


soyacincau, please remove political/racists/chauvinistic comments

Maxis User

It is too sad that it does not have free tethering. If free will directly port out to webe.

Unpaid promoter

to bad it does not give free hypptv ,


What's the use of faster speeds with interband CA when you can't even tether? If you give 1Gbps also people might still reconsider. What you can do on your smartphone is just limited and less productive. The next upgrade after LTE-A will be LTE-B with aim of 30 folds increase in speed and efficiency.HetNet will be the next talk about itinerary.


    Please do your own research. Everyone including a 3 yo knows you can tether on webe but you need to pay to use it. If you have half a brain you should argue webe charging for tethering not complaining it doesn’t allow tethering. I think webe will give free or cheaper tethering if their new signups rate is not good. Im just waiting.

    If you want to bark please bark at the right tree.


      No wonder your name is 1 idiot. Have to pay means can’t use tether freely as.part of package. Nothing constructive to comment please shut up.


        Look who is the real idiot. Learn how to read.

        CANT EVEN TETHER! CANNOT! IMPOSSIBLE! If you want to argue please contribute some actual facts. Stop wasting oxygen. We are not living in communist country. You are free to do anything but there is a price.

        Not everybody needs to tether. If it is a must go get other plan.


          webe sales team spotted


          if this is the quality of webe sales team, then we can wish our condolences to webe in the next couple of months.

          this is the problem with TM and its monopoly, forever trying to milk their customers.


          Now they even have the idea that less people joining their network is a good thing. Those staffs working in there probably aren't happy with their jobs of they don't much care the fate of their company.

mr poh

Extra cost for tethering. Probably this makes choices and planning a bit more difficult. For me I probably will be using more social apps due to convenient of notification. Watching movies probably no so great on smartphone (probably great for show off). Music probably now and then. Unlimited, may be a bit too much since the plan is for one device and using with other devices need extra payment (expansive). The plan term and condition, facts speak for itself. I use multi devices, but Webe is meant for just one. Need better tethering plan.


Actally happy non of ya'll are joining webe. Will be too congested.


    You are somewhat a genius! To think that a business model can survive by just providing service to a small amount of privileged customers and own staffs with cheap plans. I wish you luck in joining MAS as the next "Hall of Honours" list.Only the overly bright would understand how a closed up market works like those commies who live in the desert!


    Yes bro, why not restrict your service to only your own staffs and their own friends and family. You're a geenius!


    If got staffs like you giving such remarks in a company, the boss should immediately do a loyalty survey among his staffs because it will not look good for the company's reputation. Your annual appraisal will immediately get a big cut.


Your truly genius idea was proven to work in countries such as Brunei and MidEast. Why not only offer the service exclusively to only your own staffs?


Tired of reading those same tethering complaint. Webe is not the only one charging on tethering. International companies also doing it as well. Their plan is only rm 79 with free sms and call. It has its own perks and benefit just like the limited Gb, weekend plan and what other marketing gimmick other company is offering.

Choose what fits your need lah!

If they change the plan to rm 79 + rm 6*30 = rm 259 per month for unlimited tethering. People then will complaint its too expensive.

All these companies are looking to make money and not doing charity. We the consumer should use our brain to choose what best for us.


    We free to express opinions, no need webe team intervention


      express opinion? that's why they dont need people llke u as their customer.. talk kok only..


      You were just repeating the same complaint over and over again. Is that what you call expressing opinion?

      And my opinion is that it your repeated complaint is boring and tiring to read. It does not improve knowledge at all.

      And why do you judge/associate/label everyone that has different opinion from you as webe team? Wasn’t my point of writing and opinion seems fair and did not side to any party?


    Kudos to you bros..clearly most of the people keep complaning the same thing but they does’t even realise that all company are the same..we as the customer need to dig the well of brain in order to choose best plan that suit us..


    True to this.
    Some people when tether will start to ABUSE the network, congesting and slowing down the overall network & affecting other users.
    EIther get Streamyx/Unifi for heavy downloading/torrenting or just stream movies using webe on your phone enough la.


    Webe should allow certain amount of free tethering, 3GB should be enough to attract potential customer. This is mostly to cater for working on the go, not so much for media consumption.


      That's a reasonable approach for tethering needs. Webe should provide some free tethering. We can understand if they can't give unlimited tethering.