Apple’s upcoming iPhones could come with a USB-C charger

An earlier report suggested that the upcoming iPhone XI, or 11, could be the last time we ever see the Lightning cable, with Apple planning to switch over to USB Type-C ports for its 2020 range of iPhones. However, the iPhone 11 has been rumoured to be coming with a USB-C charger in the box, which would mark the first time that Apple would be including a fast-charger in the box—they’ve been packing 5W chargers with iPhones all this time, which is frankly, ridiculous.

A new report has claimed that the rumour is indeed true, with an unnamed source stating that there will be a USB-C charger bundled with the upcoming iPhone 11. Do note, however, that we’re not referring to a USB-C port on the iPhone. This, according to reports, will be implemented on the 2020 range of iPhones, or the iPhone 12.

Therefore, it’s likely that users will be able to fast-charge the iPhone 11 out of the box with the bundled charger, via a Lightning to USB-C cable. Currently, the only way to do so is to purchase a USB-C to Lightning cable (RM89 on the Apple website), and to plug that into a power brick that supports Power Delivery.

The iPhone 11 should be announced sometime next month, while iOS 13—currently in beta testing—should be coming in the same month.

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