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Friendi Mobile is shutting down in Malaysia

It appears that another Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is shutting down in Malaysia. This time it’s Friendi Mobile, a brand under the Virgin Mobile Saudi Consortium and it operates on U Mobile’s network.

According to its website, Friendi Mobile’s network service will be terminated by 15th August 2019. Existing customers are advised to port out to their preferred telco by 9th August 2019 to avoid termination. Customers can request for refunds by emailing [email protected].

Friendi Mobile had started its operations in 2013 and they were given a Network Services Provider (NSP) License since February 2012 by the MCMC as well as an Application Service Provider (ASP) Class License. The MVNO offers a prepaid mobile service and one of their key features is the ability to extend a 30-day validity with any reload amount. On top of that, they also offer 100% free data credit for every top-up.

You can learn more on FrendiMobile’s website.

Thanks @KevinNgTK for the tip!


Alexander Wong