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MVNO Buzzme and TRON are shutting down

Before 2018 comes to a close, two MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), Buzzme and TRON, have announced that they will be ending their services very soon. If you’re an existing customer, you’ll have to port out if you intend to keep your current number.


Buzzme is a mobile service under Enabling Asia Tech which was established in 2013. It runs on U Mobile’s network and it was recently relaunched with regional aspirations.

Buzzme has announced that they will discontinue its mobile telecommunication services from 31 January 2019. Existing customers are advised to port out to their preferred new telco by 28 January 2019 if they wish to keep their number.


Another MVNO that’s shutting down is TRON and it will take effect on 17 January 2019. The MVNO was launched in 2011 and they operated on Digi’s network. According to their announcement, the termination was due to an unattainable mutual agreement between Digi and Tron.

Existing customers are given several options which include switching to their partner on Tune Talk or port out to their preferred telco. If you do not wish to proceed, you can terminate your service with Tron to get a refund. If no action is taken before 17 January 2019, you’ll be switched to Digi automatically.

For those who opt for refund, you can put in your request here. The refund request will be available from 18 December 2018 until 17 January 2019.

Thanks @KevinNgTK for the tip!

Alexander Wong