Waze rolls out update that tells drivers how much tolls will cost

You know those long lines at the toll plaza, caused by that one driver with his hazard lights flashing up front? Yeah, that’s usually me. It’s hard enough to keep track of how much each toll costs, especially if you have a job/lifestyle that requires you to travel everywhere.

Waze is rolling out an update that will display the cost of the tolls on drivers’ journeys. In the past, Waze has only been able to tell drivers if there are tolls on a particular route, without any information of the actual cost of those tolls.

However, it comes with a caveat. The costs aren’t calculated by Waze (or parent company, Google), with the information coming instead from the drivers’ community, just like other information on the popular social navigation app. As such, actual toll prices may vary from the figure given by Waze.

Unfortunately, the update is only being rolled out to users in the U.S. and Canada, with the rest of the world having to wait for now. This follows an earlier update that brought Google Assistant integration to Waze—both features are still not available locally, as of now. Still, it’s certainly something to look forward to.