Drivers can now use Google Assistant to control Waze

Waze has slowly and surely become the go-to navigation app for drivers all over, with the ability to report traffic conditions/incidents and communicate with other users on the road setting it apart from other competitors—namely, Google Maps.

However, a regular complaint from users is Waze’s safety feature that disables typing while driving, with users instead prompted to click ‘passenger’ to enable typing.

Google is now rolling out an update that integrates Google Assistant with Waze, where drivers will be now be able to use voice commands and keep their eyes on the road while navigating.

According to Google, you can now control your media playback as well as message/call contacts—all while remaining on your Waze navigation screen. You can also use voice commands for typical Waze features; including changing your route, avoiding roads with tolls, and more.

Is it a global update?

The update has been rolling out over the past day or so in the US, but is only currently available for the English language choice. Unfortunately, iOS and Android users from other regions will have to wait for the update to go global.

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