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Another Malaysian retailer offers 100% refund for Huawei devices that lose access to Google Play Store

Looks like more retailers in Malaysia are offering refunds for Huawei devices if it loses access to Google’s apps and Play Store. Mobile2Go has announced a Worry Free Project which provides 100% Money Back Guarantee for any new purchases of Huawei smartphones and tablets, and you can request a refund if your favourite apps and Google Play Store stops working.

According to the Facebook announcement, this will cover all Huawei smartphone and tablets purchased at Mobile2go and it is valid during the warranty period. Similar to DirectD, the campaign covers access to apps and Play Store, and there’s no mention of software updates.

The money back promo is seen as a move by retailers to assure customers that they can continue to use their Huawei devices normally despite the ban from the US Government. This campaign was first spotted in the Philippines last week and it was offered by a key distributor.

Huawei has repeatedly assured that they will continue to provide updates and support for existing Huawei smartphones. When the ban was first announced, Google had also tweeted that Google Play Store will continue to function for existing Huawei devices.

Do note that this refund offer isn’t endorsed by Huawei Malaysia and it is an initiative by the retailers.


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