Adobe Fresco is Adobe’s painting app for the iPad

Adobe announced that it’s almost ready for the full version release of Adobe Fresco, an AI-powered painting and drawing app developed for the iPad. The app was developed under the codename Project Gemini.

Named after the Italian painting technique, Fresco’s major appeal will be the way it replicates interactions between brush and paper and how different types of medium like oil- and water-based paint behave in the real world. As a result, Adobe claims the realism of its Live Brushes are “something that no other drawing and painting app can match”.

But beyond mimicking the real world, the app allows a higher degree of manipulation artists and pro users expect from their digital tools. Familiar Adobe tools such as layers, masking, and selection will be available in Fresco.

Artworks created in Fresco can be exported to Photoshop or into PDF for editing within Illustrator.

Adobe says the Fresco will be released for the iPad with versions for other stylus- and touch-based devices to follow.

If you would like to give the app before its official release, you can request for a pre-release trial here.

Amin Ashaari