TM enforces 60GB quota on 30Mbps Unifi Basic broadband plan

If you’re on TM’s Unifi Basic plan, the unlimited quota promotion has finally come to an end. As a result, Unifi Basic customers with 30Mbps will be limited to 60GB of monthly quota at full speeds before the speed throttling kicks in.

To recap, Unifi Basic costs RM79/month and it comes with 30Mbps download and 10Mbps upload. It was initially announced for B40 consumers but it was later made available for everyone. The plan has a monthly quota of 60GB and if you’ve fully utilised your allocation, your internet speeds will be reduced to 512Kbps.

Image: Lowyat.Net

If you need to regain full speeds, Unifi offers add-on data plans which start from RM10 for 1GB. It costs RM20 for 5GB, RM40 for 20GB and RM50 for unlimited during Friday to Sunday.

If you’re a heavy user and would likely have to pay for add-ons, you might as well switch to their higher 100Mbps plan with unlimited quota that’s going for RM129/month. Apart from getting faster speeds, the 100Mbps Unifi plan also comes with unlimited calls to TM fixed line numbers.

In case you missed it, TM has recently introduced its 100Mbps plan with Unifi TV set-top-box at RM159/month. If you need faster speed, new subscribers can also take up the 300Mbps Unifi plan with Unifi TV set-top-box for RM199/month.

You can learn more on Unifi’s home broadband page.


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