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Maxis has a Buy 1 Free 1 promo for the Huawei P30

The Huawei P30 series is also available on contract via Maxis. If you’re looking for an interesting deal, they are offering two Huawei P30 for the price of one on their Zerolution Plan.

The Buy 1 Free 1 Huawei P30 offer at RM99/month is applicable when you sign up for a MaxisOne Plan 188 (RM188/month) with an additional MaxisOne Share Line (RM48/month) on their Zerolution instalment program.

Similar to other offers, Maxis is also offering P30 buyers a wireless charging case while the P30 Pro comes with a waterproof Snorkeling case while stocks last. If you order the Huawei P30 Pro 512GB version through their online store, you could also get a Huawei Backup 1TB worth RM599 for free.

Below are the bundled contract pricing on Maxis:

Normal Contract

Huawei P30 128GB
MaxisONE Plan 98 – RM2,099
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM1,999
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM1,699
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM1,399

Huawei P30 Pro 256GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM3,199
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM2,899
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM2,599

Huawei P30 Pro 512GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM3,799
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM3,499
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM3,099


Huawei P30 128GB
MaxisONE Plan 98 – RM99/month
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM95/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM87/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM99/month*

*2x Huawei P30, MaxisONE Share Line required

Huawei P30 Pro 256GB

MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM155/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM150/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM147/month

Huawei P30 Pro 512GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM183/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM181/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM179/month

Zerolution 360 (Leasing)

Huawei P30 Pro 256GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM99/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM99/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM99/month

Huawei P30 Pro 512GB
MaxisONE Plan 128 – RM166/month
MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM166/month
MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM166/month

Do note that the above pricing does not include the subscription cost. For the normal contract, there’s a device upfront payment required which ranges between RM396-954 depending on the plan you pick. However, this amount will be rebated back to your monthly bills. The device upfront payment can be waived for existing long term Maxis customers.

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Outright, the P30 128GB is priced at RM2,699 while the P30 Pro 256GB is going for RM3,799. If you need more storage, the P30 Pro with 512GB is officially priced at RM4,399 in Malaysia.

For more info, check out the Huawei P30 page on Maxis’ website.

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