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Apple showcases what its ecosystem can do for your business

Apple products isn’t just about fun and games. They also a creativity and productivity tool that can provide a seamless experience across from iOSto MacOS. To showcase what Apple’s ecosystem can do, the Cupertino company has released a short video featuring four employees rushing to meet a deadline in just two days.

The video demonstrates how easy it is to put your idea down in writing using the Apple Pencil and you can add pretty much anything from photos, sketches or even screenshots. With Microsoft Office 365, you can work collaboratively even if a team member is using a PC, an iPad or even from a smartphone.

Since Apple is also pushing the iPad Pro has a viable PC replacement, it also showed how you can multi-task in a tablet environment with multi-window and drag and drop support. On top of that, it is also super easy to share files quickly across Apple devices with AirDrop.

On the Apple at Work microsite, they have also featured current businesses that rely on Apple devices in their day to day operations. This include retail, banking, construction, aviation and more.


Alexander Wong