Apple wants you to believe the end of computers is near

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Apple has been pushing the iPad Pro as a computer replacement for many. With a Smart Keyboard and an Apple Pencil, it can be a real productivity tool especially with the latest iOS 11.

To drive the point home, Apple has released a commercial about a life of a young student and her iPad Pro with LTE connectivity. With the iPad Pro and iOS 11, Apple believes a post-PC world is closer than you think.

In the video, she uses it to stay in touch with her friends, to complete her assignments, take pictures and to keep herself entertained. Towards the end, her neighbour asked her, “Watcha doing on your computer?”, to which she replied, “What’s a computer?”

Of course, many would argue that the iPad is just a plaything and you can’t do serious gaming, video editing and run hardcore PC-based application. That’s true, but if you think about personal computing as a whole, many had relied on PCs for web browsing, communication and entertainment in the past 15 years. Today, most of these functions are already possible on a mobile device which is much easier to manage compared to a clunky desktop machine.

While most Windows PCs are trying to shrink their form factor into slimmer 2-in-1 convertibles, Apple has made the iPad Pro more productive than ever when they rolled out iOS 11. Multi-tasking with split-windows is much easier and you can switch/launch apps seamlessly with its new dock.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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29 Comments for Apple wants you to believe the end of computers is near

Howard Saul

It’s BS. As an apple user myself, I still thinks it’s BS for the iPad to replace a computer not now anyways. (15 – 20 years purhaps?)


Perhaps when Apple switches it to MacOS


Its near, but will never be there


Not yet, still too early. Can we download a movie file (mp4) in a iPad and watch it?


    Can. Go to iTunes and pay money lor


      Why must be iTunes ? I paid for Netflix , iFlix and Spotify. None of these from Apple.

      They are still legal sources.


If Ipad Pro cost RM500 sure thing computer will gone extincts..


only dumb ppl like "swan" will believe whatever shit apple throw at him…


    Swan aldy stupid dy pls don’t ejek la , we must pity him or her too


    But it’s not just talk, Apple’s iOS 11 supports RAW photo format from these big brand cameras :

    And Raw editor app is also available:…


    ‘angsa’ a specific character unik product from special task fruit force use to amuse and entertainment purposes have new assignment to prevent fruit sales downhill continue, a smart and center important rule in fruit families, leading rule than zip families, never underestimate such angel as their monthly rewards simply more than any reader whole life salary by creating super exciting storyline to praise fruit products


      It’s strange that so few “angsa” can help the giant fruit to prosper vs millions of droids.

      May be there are simply too many quiet “angsa” vs those loud C3POs.


Maybe because they charge so much for iPhone that ppl no longer can comprehend what’s a computer?


When everyone is ranting or calling this BS, lets take a step back – what’s a “computer” ?

With input , output, central processing unit to process data.

Play games, writing notes, doing spreadsheet , take photos and videos, edit and share them, even in 4K which many computers can’t.

All these are possible. The only difference is it doesn’t run desktop OS, no mouse of coz.


Still automation giant such as Rockwell Automation didn't develop software for Mac OS is the reason behind Apple not heading to the heavy industries world but only luring consumer to spend more money on something which only let you play games, surfing and entertainments


Ipad Pro still can’t replace a laptop.


    It depends on what you do. General statement like this is simply misleading.

    Smartphone camera cannot replace a camera. True ? Yeah but no many need a real camera ! It can replace the casual photo and selfie takings of a camera. With lower demand of pocket camera, whether we like it or not, camera makers have to scale down their production.

    The same applies to computer and mobile gaming, eg PSP.


Apple = everything want money + leceh. Apple products are great for high incomes country and people, our country everybody wants big and cheap. Phone = samsung/huawei; tab = apple; Games, camera, music = sony; Cheap phone for parents = xiaomi; Let people know u r quite rich ≠ iphone 8 plus gold color in transparent case.


    Everything about money is true but just not about getting from you but helping people to make money too.

    In our country, our people not just wanting to pay less but get more, but we also need to try making more !

    Imagine Singers , composers and movie makers are not paid because of piracy. Games Developers are not paid due to hacking. So not making money of coz can not afford to pay.


The end of (desktop) computers is near… but not Apple doing. Snapdragon will be the one…


    Exactly, just like what AMD users said to Intel , from day one.

Can can

As a guy who owns the pro and the smart keyboard, my advise is get a Bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard has reliability issues and mine lasted slightly more than a year before the connection became intermittent.


We have Surface tablets which can run full Windows and programs, not to mention intensive games for gamers out there while iPad still stuck with apps and an awkward stylus and now Apple wants me to believe PC days are over? Such a desperate attempt to get approval from tech-ignorant peeps.


I like this. Shows what the product can do in a very real and practical way.


tablets (in this case ipads) replacing PCs? in the US maybe coz they treat apple as gods. Wont see this trend catching here in eastern asian countries in the near future anyways. Laptops are still indispensable for normal working class. An ipad pro can cost as much as 2 basic laptops!

tablet are for the strawberry generation. Until our current generation dies out we wont see PC dying out. Even so, maybe the PCs will evolve into something else. But the future is not an Ipad for sure. Its just a fruit cult dream.


    Just define what’s a computer. Has keyboard? Can print? Can hook up external display ? Can play games , or it must run Windows ? It must run AutoCAD? Is Chromebook a computer?

    Only the fruit produces tablets. No one else.


Don’t believe the hype, vote with your wallet.


wow, fruit macai desperate attempts convince to buy this little super cheapo electronic gadget at 5099, smart keyboard 749, smart pencil 449, cute and high IQ intelligent ifan sure fork out their saving or ask their parent or from credit company to buy, they are smarter and loyal than anyone else, good job macai


opps not that expensive only 5749 with wifi, worth every penny, jom buy and sent PC to extinction