The Huawei P30 can support wireless charging but you’ll need to buy this accessory

UPDATE: The Huawei P30 wireless charging case retails for RM268.

On the latest P30 series, Huawei has only included wireless charging on its larger P30 Pro. If you’re thinking of getting the smaller Huawei P30 and wanted wireless charging, there is an official solution for you.

For a more convenient way to charge, Huawei is also releasing a Wireless Charging Case for the Huawei P30. Apart from adding Qi wireless charging capability, the case also provides additional protection with its perforated case design. From the product page, the dark grey charging case comes with either orange or blue options for its perforation.

While the P30 Pro provides fast wireless charge of up to 15W, this wireless charging case supports only up to 10W. Although it supports Qi Wireless charging standards, Huawei recommends that you charge using their own wireless chargers.

On top of that, the case also comes with a magnetic material underneath which allows you to attach the P30 onto magnetic car holders. At the moment, there’s no pricing details yet and it isn’t clear if this case will be made available for our local market.

We still think that the Huawei P30 should have included wireless charging support and it should be a standard feature across all flagship products launched in 2019. If you look at the competition, the iPhone XR and even the Galaxy 10e comes with wireless charging support despite being the “affordable” model of the series.

The Huawei P30 series will be launched in Malaysia on 2nd April 2019 and the first sale is expected to begin next Saturday, 6th April 2019. This time, Huawei will be expanding its sale roadshow to 11 locations nationwide including Sabah and Sarawak.

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