[Updated] Digi is having intermittent service outages nationwide

Digi No Service

UPDATE: Digi has updated that they are having unplanned interruption and are trying to restore their services within 4 hours.

UPDATE 2: As of 11:20AM, Digi has fully restored its network. Customers are urged to switch “Flight Mode” on and off, or restart the phone if they are still having issues connecting to their network.


It appears that Digi is having intermittent service outages nationwide. Several users have complained on social media of having “No Service” on their mobile devices while others are having difficulty getting connected.

The outage has caused a lot of users to be disconnected from their network and this affects phone calls, SMS and data connectivity. For those who are still able to get a signal, some have reported slow connectivity.

The issue appears to be sporadic as Digi users in Old Klang Road could be connected with slow speeds of 5Mbps while those in Kepong can get as high as 150Mbps on speed test. At our office in Petaling Jaya, we couldn’t get any service on Digi.

We have reached out to Digi on the matter and we will update once we have more info.

UPDATE: Digi has replied to several users on Twitter that they are currently facing unplanned service interruption. They are in the midst of rectifying the problem and they target to recover within 4 hours. This means they are expecting full network restoration by 2PM. Users with “No Service” on their phones are urged to restart their phones by then.

UPDATE 2: Digi’s network is fully restored. Below is their statement:

Dear customers,

Some of you may have faced intermittent connection issues earlier this morning. Our technical teams have addressed and fixed the issue, and services have recovered. We advise you to please go to flight mode and back, or restart your device if you continue to experience problems. We continue to monitor all services, and will keep you updated on progress. We deeply apologise for any inconvenience faced, and thank you for your patience.

Alexander Wong