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Unifi rolls out TDD-LTE Massive MIMO as an alternative solution for Streamyx

In a bid to solve the Streamyx problem, Unifi has began rolling out pre-5G TDD Massive MIMO as an alternative broadband solution. At the moment, it is being rolled out in Setiawalk, Puchong.

According to Unifi, this is the first TDD-LTE Massive MIMO broadband rollout in Malaysia which utilises the 2.3GHz band. Setiawalk residents that sign up for the wireless broadband plan from 7th until the end of April 2019 will enjoy double the quota. Unifi’s home wireless broadband solution originally comes with 60GB of quota and you can get 120GB quota with this promo.

The solution can be used to address infrastructure challenges in areas without fibre. It offers speed upgrades of up to 30Mbps with a peak throughput of up to 80Mbps.

According to Acting Executive Vice President of Unifi, Moharmustaqeem Mohammad, the pre-5G wireless technology can deliver a high capacity of up to 500Mbps, which is twice the capacity of existing 4G technology. With this roll out, TM is a step closer in delivering 5G experience to its customers.

Unifi is offering the same B618 4G wireless broadband router from Huawei and it has the same RM79 plan with 60GB quota as their existing wireless broadband plan. Unifi has chosen Setiawalk as their first location as it has a good mix of residential and commercial users. There are approximately one thousand households in the area.

When we asked Unifi on expansion plans for its Massive MIMO solution, they told us they will roll out more coverage depending on requests they get from customers. Apart from home users, this TDD-LTE rollout will also benefit unifi Mobile users, but of course, this means that you’ll need to have a compatible device with MIMO support.

Alexander Wong