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MCMC: Facebook and Instagram users urged to change their passwords when notified

It was recently reported that passwords for Facebook were saved in plain text format and it is accessible by Facebook’s staff. Approximately 200 to 600 million Facebook users are believed to be affected and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission wants local users to take additional precautions.

According to Facebook, the information which include passwords have not been accessed by external parties and there’s no evidence to suggest that it has been abused by their internal staff. It was reported that the social network platform will inform hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users, tens of millions of Facebook users and tens of thousands of Instagram users that are affected by this security concern.

In a statement released today, MCMC wants Facebook and Instagram users to change their passwords immediately if they received security notifications from Facebook. To change your password, do ensure that it is done via the official Facebook and Instagram app, or via its official website. MCMC also would like to remind users to not to fall victim to phishing scams and not to click on links sent from suspicious sources.

According to MCMC, they will continue to monitor the situation and they will be in close contact with Facebook to find out if there’s any new developments on the matter.

Alexander Wong