Motorola is working on a foldable RAZR phone and here are the alleged specs

The iconic Motorola Razr is expected to make a comeback this year and it is rumoured to come with a foldable display. After we’ve seen the in-ward folding Samsung Galaxy Fold and the out-ward folding Huawei Mate X, Motorola is expected to reveal a phone that has a long vertical folding display instead of having the traditional screen and keypad combo.

The above image is alleged to be the new Razr logo. At the moment, the upcoming device carries the product name “Voyager” but the final product will definitely carry the Motorola Razr name.

According to XDA Developers, the “Voyager” device will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor and it comes with either 4GB or 6GB of RAM. On the inside, the device is said to feature long 876×2142 pixels resolution display that folds right in the middle. Since it’s a clam-shell device, there is also a secondary screen on the outside which is said to push a 600×800 pixels resolution.

Powering the device is a modest 2,730mAh battery and the new Razr is expected to come in three colour options – White, Black and Gold. By default, the Qualcomm SoC can support QuickCharge 4+ but there’s a possibility that Motorola will use their own TurboPower charging technology.

So far there are no details for its camera and based on its filed patent, it is likely to come with a single shooter on the back and another camera on the front cover. The new Razr is expected to be priced around US$1,500 (about RM6,136). As a comparison, the Galaxy Fold is priced at US$1,980 (about RM8,100) while the Mate X is priced at EUR 2,299 (about RM10,614).

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From what we are seeing right now, the new Motorola Razr with a folding screen is not as well spec-ed as its bigger foldable rivals. However, the design of the Razr is more compact, making it easier to hold and use with a single hand. If the alleged pricing is true, the Razr is more affordable as well.

So far there are no details of its launch and it is likely to be a Verizon exclusive when it is released in the US.


Alexander Wong