Huawei P30: Wait for the best, forget the rest

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Since the Huawei P9, the Chinese smartphone giant has made it clear to the world that one of their top priorities — especially with their P-series — is smartphone camera performance. And, they’ve made huge strides since then. Now, it’s nearly that time of the year again. The time of the year where Huawei unveils their latest photography-centric smartphone, the new P-series flagship. This year, it’s called the Huawei P30, and if you’ve been yearning for the best camera performance in a smartphone, the Huawei P30 will be worth the wait.

Huawei’s unquenchable desire for innovation

Everyone remembers the Huawei P9. It was a one-of-a-kind smartphone that showcased a revolutionary dual-camera system. But, some might argue that the true gold mine Huawei was able to tap into was their successful collaboration with legendary German camera maker Leica. And, it definitely turned out to be a fruitful one because the P9 was the best smartphone camera Huawei had ever put into a phone at that point in time.

Among the innovative new features the company was able to bring to the table with the P9 and its successor the P10 included the ability to capture bokeh effect. But, Huawei weren’t about to rest on their laurels because the company pushed forward and the follow-up Huawei P20 & P20 Pro took things to the next level.

Equipped with a triple camera setup — co-engineered with Leica — that featured a 40MP main sensor, Huawei’s P20 Pro was able to move smartphone photography beyond what was thought possible at the time. One of the most revolutionary features included the smartphone’s ability to not only capture incredible low-light imagery (with an ISO sensitivity of up to 102,400), but also how they evolved low-light photography with the advent of the now renown Night Mode.

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With the P20 Pro, Huawei also achieved the top honours by being the highest rated smartphone on world-renown camera website DxOMark, scoring a staggering 109 points. In fact, the smartphone still sits atop the leaderboard even a year later, which is truly an impressive feat.

After reaching the top, it’s time to shoot for the moon

With such incredible achievements, it’s only natural for everyone to ask: What’s next? How does Huawei plan to follow up their stellar P20 Pro? Well, details are a little scarce now, but the company has been teasing what you can expect with their upcoming camera-centric smartphone. After revolutionising low-light photography, it looks like Huawei’s now set their sights on smartphone zooming.

Teasers from the top people in Huawei Mobile, including VP of Handset Business, Huawei Consumer Business Group Bruce Li, hint at a smartphone with incredible zoom capabilities. Just look at this Super Zoom image comparison:

But, even that pales in comparison to what Richard Yu, Huawei CEO of Consumer Business Group, shared during the Lunar New Year celebrations. It was a photo of beautiful super moon that was taken with what looks like the Huawei P30 Pro with its quad-camera setup (judging from the watermark), and the amount of clarity is scarcely believable:

Typically you would associate astrophotography with mounds of professional camera equipment, but apparently Huawei is able to do it with just the smartphone in your pocket. To say that these are exciting times for smartphone photography would be an understatement.

With Huawei’s P-series, you’re always getting more than what you expect

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On another note, Huawei Malaysia also always offers amazing goodies with every smartphone launch. During the Huawei Mate 20 launch in October 2018, for example, the company gave out wireless chargers, Huwaei sound stones, DJI Tello drones as well as Mate20 VIP cards worth over RM10,000. This time, with the P30, Huawei is rumoured to include a Huawei Backup device. This is essentially a small dock that can be hooked up to your smartphone for charging and data transfer as the device has 1TB of onboard storage. This means that as you charge your smartphone, it will also back up your device into the Huawei Backup automatically.

What can you expect from the Huawei P30 series? Hang on for the reveal of what will likely be one of the best camera smartphones on the 26th of March 2019.