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ICYMI #40: Realme 3, Maybank MAE, TM Unifi Basic unlimited quota extended & more!

Good news for Unifi Basic customers on the 30Mbps speed plan! TM has announced another extension and you can continue to enjoy unlimited quota until the 31st of March 2019.

In other news, Maybank has introduced their new e-wallet and it is open to everyone including non-Maybank customers.

Maybank MAE e-wallet

Maybank has just introduced MAE, a new digital wallet that uses the same Maybank2u app and it is an ewallet that’s based on a virtual bank account. Click here to find out more.

Niu N1 electric scooter now available in Malaysia

If you are looking for an environmental friendly alternative to travel around, there’s a new means of transportation in town in the form of an electric scooter.

Realme 3

Oppo’s sub brand, Realme has officially launched their latest smartphone in India and it is called the Realme 3. The device is said to have a longer battery life than the Zenfone Max Pro M2.

TM extends unlimited quota offer for Unifi Basic Plan

In January, we mentioned that TM has offered unlimited quota for its base 30Mbps Unifi Basic Plan customers and the offer is supposed to last until the mid of February. But now TM has announced an extension and you can continue to enjoy unlimited data for a given time frame. More information here.