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eSIM for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR now available from Maxis

As teased earlier, Maxis is now offering eSIM for the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. This allows you to connect your device to Maxis’ network without requiring a physical SIM card. With the latest iPhone models, you can also experience dual-SIM when you use an eSIM and a physical nano SIM card at the same time.

Maxis is offering eSIM to both Maxis postpaid and Hotlink Postpaid Flex subscribers. It is applicable to both new and existing customers. For existing subscribers, you can get an eSIM from all Maxis Centres and Maxis Exclusive Partners. If you purchase a new iPhone from the Maxis Online store, the new eSIM will be included with the device.

According to Maxis, there’s a SIM replacement fee if you convert your existing SIM card for an eSIM. The same charge also applies if you plan to convert your eSIM back to a physical SIM. If you are switching devices, you’ll be required to apply for a new QR code for eSIM activation.

To enable eSIM, your iPhone XS and XR must be running on iOS 12.1.1 or later. Once you’ve received the eSIM activation kit, you can activate the eSIM by scanning the QR code from your iPhone’s Mobile Data settings page. If you have both eSIM and a physical SIM card installed, you can use both lines to make calls and data like a typical dual-SIM smartphone. You can learn more about using dual-SIM on the latest iPhone models here.

For more info on Maxis’ eSIM, hit the source link below.

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