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Maxis is offering eSIM for the iPhone XS and XR next week

The latest iPhone models, the iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR, are capable of supporting dual-SIMs. For Malaysian units, this would require an eSIM subscription which isn’t offered by our major telcos. Now it appears that Maxis is the first local telco to offer eSIM for the iPhone very soon and you can get it from their outlets throughout Malaysia.

Maxis has recently sent an electronic direct mailer to its customers about its ongoing Galaxy S10 pre-order. In the same email, they have also mentioned that eSIM support for the latest iPhone models will be available in Maxis stores nationwide beginning 25th February 2019.

When we clicked on the link to find out more, it leads to a generic Maxis eSIM page which only contains information about getting an eSIM for the Huawei Watch. At the moment, it appears that Maxis is only offerings eSIM for selected wearable devices. Interestingly, on Lowyat forum, someone had managed to activate the same eSIM solution on a new iPhone XS.

With eSIM, you can enable dual-SIM on the latest iPhone without requiring a physical card. All you’ll need is to scan a QR code to activate the eSIM’s data plan. If your existing Maxis line is converted to an eSIM, you will be able to pop in another SIM card using the iPhone’s SIM slot.

We don’t know if Maxis will impose any charges for switching to an eSIM and we expect them to reveal more info on their website next Monday. Apart from Maxis, XOX Mobile, is also introducing their eSIM solution for the iPhone and Pixel 3 next Wednesday.

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Alexander Wong