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Huawei unfolds the Mate X and it’s epic

Huawei has announced the Mate X foldable smartphone, just days after Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Fold. Similar to Samsung, the Mate X allows you to transform from a candy-bar form factor into a large screen tablet format. However, Huawei is stepping things up with a larger viewing experience that has no notches to hinder your viewing experience.

Huawei is calling the Mate X the fastest 5G smartphone and it runs on their top of the line Kirin 980 flagship processor along with their Balong 5000 5G modem. For superior connectivity, it has a quad 5G antenna design and it boasts a download speed of up to 4.6Gbps.

While Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has two screens, the Mate X only has one which folds on the outside. When it’s closed, the Mate X provides a 6.6” FullView display that offers a 2480×1148 pixels resolution in a 19.5:9 aspect ratio, while the rear gets a skinnier 25:9 6.38” display. The rear display is smaller because it has a thin strip which is used to house its rear cameras. The Mate X features a Leica co-engineered triple-camera setup and you can use the rear display to take a selfie.

When the Mate X is unfolded, you’ll get a large 8” display that pushes a 2480×2200 pixels resolution in an 8:7.1 aspect ratio. As a comparison, the Galaxy Fold has a 7.3” QXGA+ display that uses a Dynamic AMOLED panel.

The Huawei Mate X uses a stretchable hinge mechanism which Huawei calls the Falcon Wing design. The hinge helps to ensure there’s no overstretching of the flexible display while folding and to minimise bulge when it’s unfolded.

Powering the Huawei Mate X are two batteries that provide a combined capacity of 4,500mAh. That’s not all, Huawei has also bumped its SuperCharging tech with a new 55W charger. It can top up the Mate X’s massive battery to 85% in just 30 minutes.

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In terms of connectivity, the Mate X also supports dual-SIM. The first SIM slot can used to connect to a 5G network while the secondary slot can support up to 4G.

So how much does this epic device cost? In Europe, the Mate X is priced at 2,299EUR (about RM10,625) and it comes with 8GB RAM + 512GB of storage. The foldable device will be available from the middle of 2019.

Alexander Wong