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ICYMI #25: Black Shark in Malaysia, Samsung folding smartphone? TNG RFID and more!

We all know that Samsung is expected to unveil a foldable smartphone on the 20th of February 2019, which is also the same date as the Galaxy S10. But when Samsung released its latest teaser video yesterday, we are not convinced that the device will be announced next week. To know why, you better tune in to today’s ICYMI where we talk about this and more tech news that mattered today, in case you missed it.

Why are TNG RFID enable lanes are shared with TNG card users?

Do you know, 56% of the RFID lanes are actually shared with physical TNG card users? But why does it matter? Click here to find out more.

Xiaomi Black Shark officially in Malaysia

Are you a fan of the gaming smartphone Black Shark? If you are, you will be happy to know that the sub-brand of Xiaomi is now officially available in Malaysia.

Samsung may not launch a foldable smartphone

Most of us will assume that a foldable Galaxy smartphone will be announced at the same event as the Samsung Galaxy S10. Could this be the real deal?

Vivo to launch a sub-brand called iQOO

It looks like Vivo is about to launch their very own sub-brand called iQOO? IQ? Aye Cool? How do you even pronounce this? Anyway, you can click here to find out more.

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