ICYMI #22: Is your Waze still accurate? Apple fixes FaceTime! Vivo V15 Pro Malaysian launch & more!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Welcome back to today’s episode of ICYMI where I’ll be standing in for Ray. Don’t worry, she’ll be back next week. In the meantime, we’ve got quite a packed episode for you, so check it out!

Apple fixes FaceTime bug

Remember that scare where people could almost spy on you through a bug with Apple’s FaceTime group video calling feature? Yeah, well, Apple’s fixed that this time with a new software update.

Foodpanda delivery discount

In conjunction with the Chinese New Year, Foodpanda will be discounting their delivery fees to now start as low as RM0.88.

Vivo V15 & V15 Pro Malaysian launch

Fan of the motorised selfie camera? Well, Vivo Malaysia just dropped a teaser revealing that they will be launching two phones with this new motorised selfie camera! And, it has 32 megapixels to boot.

Earth’s magnetic north pole is moving faster than expected

Oh boy, it looks like Earth’s magnetic north pole is moving more and faster than anticipated. Will this affect your navigation systems?

S Pen with a camera?

New patents have surfaced hinting at the fact that Samsung could be exploring equipping the S Pen with a camera! What could this mean?