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Maxis releases Malaysia’s longest CNY ad because they can

Hotlink Chinese New Year ad

You’ve probably seen a number of Chinese New Year ads for the past couple of days but this takes the cake for the longest ad ever in Malaysia. Maxis’ prepaid brand, Hotlink, has just released a YouTube CNY video that runs for 88 minutes long. You might want to lie down on a sofa to watch the complete clip.

The video appears to be inspired by a Korean YouTuber that live streams himself doing nothing but studying for hours. In the CNY video ad which is very draggy to watch, Maxis has included several easter eggs with “88” appearing at random places.

In case you’re wondering, the 88-minute video was released in conjunction with Hotlink’s free 88GB YouTube data offer with HotlinkMU. This is offered part of their CNY sales deal where you can purchase promo passes via the Hotlink RED App.

The validity of the free YouTube quota will follow the validity of the pass. So if the actual HotlinkMU pass is valid for 3 days, you can only enjoy your free 88GB data for the same validity period.

Alexander Wong