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Samsung’s latest video envisions the future with foldable phones and 5G

2019 is expected to be the year where foldable phones and 5G will be making their debut. To illustrate what the future can be, Samsung has released a video depicting the future with Que sera-sera playing in the background.

The video shows off a variety of display technologies from holograms to in-mirror displays and there’s even a short glimpse of a foldable smartphone as shown above.

This device is similar to the Samsung foldable phone concept as the front display is almost full screen with thinner bezels and you get a larger screen size with the internal flexible display. What’s odd is when the phone is unfolded, the external display was still running in the video. By right, it should turn off to prevent accidental touches as soon as the larger display on the inside is activated.

In another scene, it even showed an all-screen Samsung tablet with a stylus. The device in the video is used to draw a tattoo and it is actually controlling a robot that’s doing the actual job.

This is application is possible with 5G as it has an ultra-low latency of 1ms. With such responsiveness, robots can be controlled and managed in real time with greater accuracy. Check out the full Samsung Galaxy: The Future video below:

In case you missed it, Samsung will be announcing its Galaxy S10 series on 20th February and it appears that the Korean smartphone maker would announce their foldable smartphone at the same event.

Alexander Wong