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Huawei teases a “foldable” device and it might not be a phone

While Samsung is expected to introduce a foldable smartphone within in the next couple of weeks, it appears that Huawei will be joining the foldable device race very soon. According to Huawei’s latest teaser, something exciting is coming to MWC 2019 and it showed a picture of what appears to be a thin tablet that folds right in the middle.

While many would assume that Huawei will release a foldable smartphone, interestingly, the teaser caption seems to be hinting something different instead:

Last year, the Huawei Matebook X Pro was introduced and awarded with the title “Best Laptop of MWC 2018”.

This year, something exciting is coming at the Mobile World Congress 2019. Stay tuned as we connect the future.

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Why is Huawei mentioning the Matebook X Pro? Are they introducing a new Matebook concept with a foldable display or are they expecting it to be an award winning product for this year’s MWC?

If we look at the picture, we can see what appears to be two display panels that are joined with a curved hinge like a Microsoft Surface Book while the device folds with the display facing outwards. Looking at the glow from the screen’s surface, the backlighting doesn’t seem to be linear throughout but then again, this is just a teaser so it may not reflect the final product.

We could be completely wrong but we are guessing that Huawei might be introducing an all-screen convertible laptop that’s somewhat similar to the ASUS Project Precog. With a curved hinge that big, it doesn’t seem to be practical to be a smartphone. However, according to serial leakster, Ice Universe, this could still be a foldable phone.

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The event is taking place at Barcelona on 24th February 2019, which is a day before MWC 2019 starts. We’ll definitely find out more in about 3 weeks’ time.


Alexander Wong