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#khabarbaik: Unifi offers extra 8GB data for mobile postpaid and free Dimsum for home users

During yesterday’s #khabarbaik event, TM has also announced several promotions in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration. All Unifi Mobile postpaid customers, whether it is the unlimited plan or the four new postpaid plans with limited quota, will get additional 8GB of data for free. In addition, they are also offering free video and TV content for Unifi home subscribers.

Unifi Mobile #khabarbaik promo

If you’re already on the unlimited plan, the 8GB extra data will be allocated for your WiFi hotspot usage for two months. By default, the RM99 unlimited Unifi Mobile plan comes with 10GB of LTE hotspot data, so you’ll get a total of 18GB with this offer.

For the other postpaid plans with limited quota, you get 8GB of extra data for two months. They didn’t mention whether this is 4G or 3G data but we think the free data is likely for 4G use only.

Unlimited Postpaid Plan RM99 – 8GB additional data for 2 months for tethering pass
Non-unlimited Postpaid Plans – 8GB additional data for 2 months (only for Mobile 59 and 39)

Free 90-days Dimsum for Unifi Home

For Unifi Home customers, they are giving free 90-days access to Dimsum. You can start watching by launching the app while being connected to your home’s WiFi connection. After the 90 days trial is over, TM is offering a promo subscription rate of RM10/month instead of the usual rate of RM13.90/month.

Free channels for Unifi TV

On top of that, Unifi TV customers can enjoy additional Chinese channels for free between 1st to 8th February 2019. This is also applicable for users on the Unifi PlayTV app.

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Promo redemption

Unfortunately, the 8GB free data and Dimsum promos aren’t as straightforward as you think. First, you will need to collect an Ang Pow that contains the offer. They will be distributing them away in surrounding areas near a TM store or you can get it in a form of a newspaper ad which will be published in the next couple of days.

To drive people to their stores, TM wants you to bring the Ang Pow and redeem it at your nearest TM outlet. Alternatively, you can also redeem it via their website.

The #khabarbaik promotion is probably the most complicated giveaway from a telco. If you look at other providers, they usually offer extra data through top ups, mobile redemption or as a quota upgrade when you renew or purchase a data plan.

The requirement to collect the Ang Pow and then redeeming it manually is just too troublesome. TM could have made it easier by allowing customers to redeem the free data from the mobile app. If they want to increase revenue, they could also offer cheap data add-ons like Yoodo.

As most people who are celebrating Chinese New Year are heading to their hometowns, there’s not much time left if they want customers to perform the two manual steps just to enjoy some free data. You can view the announcement during the live event in the video below. Fast forward to the 47:00 marker to jump straight to the promo.

Come hang with us today as we bring you nothing but #khabarbaik! We have local legends, Hujan taking the stage later today and we’ve got special guests Caprice & Atilia to borak-borak with hosted by grumpy comic, Kavin Jay! So join in and lets spread good vibes, positivity and #khabarbaik 🙌🏼

Posted by unifi on Selasa, 29 Januari 2019

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