Sorry Singapore, Google acknowledges nasi lemak is a Malaysian thing

Cendol, laksa, char kuey tiaw, satay, chicken rice, murtabak. Singapore may want to claim that these quintessentially Malaysian dishes originated from the Island state but there’s at least one thing that they can’t take away from us – our nasi lemak.

Why? Because Google says so.

Google today showcased a special Doodle just for Malaysia. It depicts a dish that is very close to the hearts of all Malaysians – the nasi lemak.

Open your web browser and go to Google’s home page, if you’re in Malaysia, you’ll be greeted with a Doodle depicting our nasi lemak. Click on the image and you’ll be taken to an animated short of a nasi lemak in the making.

While Google is absolutely right in associating nasi lemak with Malaysia, the search engine’s origin story of the dish is just silly. Here’s an excerpt from the video’s description on YouTube:

According to legend, the daughter of a widow named Mak Kuntum accidentally spilled coconut milk into the rice pot. “What did you cook?” Mak asked and her daughter answered. “Nasi le, Mak!” (Rice, mother!)

So, where’s your favourite nasi lemak spot?

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Amin Ashaari