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UiTM data leak: UiTM’s data security is intact, says vice-chancellor. Screenshots could have been manipulated

Over one million students and alumni of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) from 2008 to 2018 may have had their personal data leaked online but UiTM’s vice-chancellor Emeritus Prof Datuk Hasan Said is confident that the university’s data security is intact.

“UiTM has a comprehensive ICT security policy that includes the protection of confidential and official information”, he said in a statement posted on UiTM’s official Facebook page. “UiTM’s ICT security is on par with similar agencies and organisations in Malaysia, this is proven with UiTM being the recipient of SIRIM QAS ISMS (Information Security Management System) ISO 27001:2013 on 14 Jan 2019.”

The Star reported that the records of 1,164,540 students have been affected, covering all UiTM campuses nationwide. Information about the allege data breach was first revealed by

It is understood that the data consisted of details including student names, MyKad numbers, student IDs, campus codes, residence and email addresses, mobile numbers, among others.

Anonymous sources told the paper that the breach took place between February and March last year.

However, the vice-chancellor denies claims that UiTM’s data and information systems had been hacked.

“Screenshots of the leaked data do not match UiTM’s internal formatting system. This shows information has been edited or manipulated by irresponsible parties,” he said.

Hasan added UiTM is carrying out an internal investigation among its staff, and that the university would consider taking legal action against any found responsible of wrongdoing.

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Amin Ashaari