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Malaysia has no plans to ban Huawei from 5G rollout

Huawei is currently banned from rolling out 5G in some markets which include the United States, Australia and New Zealand due to alleged ties with the Chinese government. The Chinese company has repeatedly denied such claims and they had challenged those that made the allegation to show proof of security threats.

When Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir was asked about the concerns, he mentioned that Huawei has not been found to have done any wrongdoing in the country. Malaysia will not be following other countries without any basis.

During a dialogue session at Oxford Union in the UK, Tun Mahathir was reported saying “We have not caught them doing anything wrong in Malaysia. What Germany wants to do is for Germany to decide, what Canada wants to do also is for them to decide.” He also added that Malaysia has to study and find out whether there is a basis for the action they took against this company.

The US government had concerns that Huawei equipment can be utilised as a backdoor for the Chinese government, however, such allegations were not proven. Huawei’s rotating Chairman had emphasised that in past 30 years Huawei has never faced a serious cyber security issue and there’s no evidence proving that their equipment was a threat.

The Chinese telecommunications giant had called for open lines of communications with these governments in order to take action on any security concerns. In the UK, Huawei has agreed to security demands to address risks found in its equipment and software. Huawei currently has secured more than 25 commercial contracts and they have shipped more than 10,000 5G base stations to date. 

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