Let’s Talk About #3: 10 Year Challenge, using your smartphones at petrol stations & more!

Welcome back to Let’s Talk About, our weekly show where we talk in-depth about issues surrounding tech and more. In today’s episode we try to answer an age-old question, try to figure out if Facebook’s trying to see how you age when you grow old, and discuss how smartphones will innovate for this year.

Mobile phones at petrol stations

We’ve all seen that warning Petronas issued to Syed Saddiq about the usage of mobile phones while refueling. Is it really dangerous to do that? Or was there some grander scheme at play?

Ten Year Challenge

What seems like an innocent meme could prove to be more than what it appears. Should you be worried?

2019 smartphone innovations

The year is just starting, but we’ve already seen a whole bunch of crazy things leaked from smartphone manufacturers. But which of these are actually meaningful innovations? Which are silly?

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