TM Unifi Basic: Unlimited quota until mid-Feb 2019

Unifi Basic is TM’s most affordable fibre broadband plan that offers 30Mbps for RM79/month. When the plan was introduced in July 2018, many had frowned upon its limited quota of 60GB/month.

Interestingly, it appears that the broadband provider was providing unlimited quota for the plan for quite some time now. Based on the latest discovery, this unlimited promo will be extended until the middle of next month.

Lowyat.net had stumbled upon a Unifi Community forum thread that shared details of Unifi’s double happiness promo for Chinese New Year. According to the image below, Unifi Basic plan subscribers can enjoy uncapped and unlimited quota until 15 February 2019.

The forum thread mentions that this is an extension so it appears that TM has been offering unlimited quota for the 30Mbps basic plan for quite some time now. One of our readers have highlighted that some customers were offered unlimited quota when they renew a 24-month contract:

According to the FAQ, customers can enjoy unlimited quota until 15 January 2019 and the plan will resume its quota capping on the 16 February 2019. It also recommends customers to upgrade to Unifi 100Mbps plan (RM129/month) if they plan to continue to enjoy unlimited quota.

In case you missed it, Unifi Basic now offers a higher throttled speed of 512kbps and there’s now the option to purchase more data if you require more than 60GB a month.

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Are you on Unifi Basic plan? Let us know if you’re getting unlimited quota at the moment.


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