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XOX offers unlimited calls and 12GB data that you can carry forward for RM59/month

XOX Mobile has just announced a new OneXOX Black plan in conjunction with the Chinese New celebration. The plan is called B39PLUS20 and it offers 12GB of data, unlimited calls and 100 SMS for RM59/month.

B39PLUS20 is essentially their B39 plan with a RM20 add-on. This promo is offered until 28 February 2019. For existing users, you can switch to the new plan via self-care or by sending a text message “GETB39PLUS20” to 23388.

With OneXOX Black, the plan comes with a zero wastage feature. This allows you to carry forward all of your calls, SMS and data as long as your line is active. According to the FAQ, you can carry forward data up to a maximum of 100GB.

If you need more data, they also offer 1GB of data for RM10, 2GB for RM18 and 5GB for RM40. For more info, check out the One XOX Black page.

Alexander Wong