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Dog poisoning suspect demands his RM21,000 phone back. What could it be?

RM21,000 phone

A suspect in the recent dog poisoning case had his phone confiscated as part of an on-going investigation. The device is currently in the possession of the Negeri Sembilan Veterinary Services Department but the man is requesting for his phone to be returned soon. He alleged that his phone is worth RM21,000.

A couple of readers have asked us, what phone is that? This appears to be an iPhone but it’s not your usual off the shelf product.

According to Harian Metro, the device was confiscated by the police on 9th January before it was transferred to the Veterinary department. The news report had included a photo of the device which appears to be a special gold plated iPhone XS Max that’s personalised with his name.

According to the owner, his phone is very important as it contains a lot of personal information including family photos and work-related info. He also requires it to authorise salary payments for his 300 workers.

Can a phone cost that much? If we do a quick check online for a gold plated iPhone XS Max, the asking price is 3,297 British Pounds or RM17,400 for a 512GB model from GoldGenie. Apart from 24K Gold, the UK based company is also offering the device in Rose Gold and Platinium options. To complete the premium experience, the iPhone is packed in a luxury finished box.

That’s a lot of money for a gold plated device considering the iPhone XS Max 512GB is listed at RM7,049. With the current promotion, you can get it for RM6,649.

It isn’t clear if the person had purchased the phone from GoldGenie. It’s possible that he could have purchased from another source. Well, it’s still cheaper than buying a Vertu.

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UPDATE: According to our colleagues at SoyaCincau BM, the iPhone in question is from GoldElite. The iPhone X Ultimatum Gold costs USD 5,990 which is about RM24,630. The company also has a store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

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Alexander Wong