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iOS Instagram users can simultaneously post to multiple accounts

If you manage multiple Instagram accounts you’ll be happy to know that the app now has a feature that lets you post to multiple Instagram accounts at the same time.

For now, however, the feature is only available on iOS. If you are on iOS, the feature is available for you to use right now.

Here’s how you can access the feature: 1) Compose your Instagram post like you usually do. 2) Just beneath the “tag people” option, you’ll find the “Post to Other Account”. 3) There, you will be able to select the Instagram profiles that you would like the image to be published on.

With this new feature, you’re able to post one image to two or more Instagram accounts at the same time directly from the Instagram app.

The feature is now available for iOS. If you’re on Android, sorry there is no indication as of yet when the feature will be rolling out to your device.

[via Malay Mail]