Lexar introduces the world’s first 1TB SD Card

Lexar 1TB SD Card

Lexar has just introduced the largest SD card with 1TB of storage. This is quite a huge leap considering Lexar had announced their first 1GB SD card about 15 years ago.

The 1TB SDXC card is from Lexar’s Professional 633x range that offers read speeds of up to 95MB/s and write speeds of up 70MB/s. With a video speed class of V30, Lexar says that it’s fast enough for capturing high-resolution photos as well as Full HD, 3D and 4K video content.

The Lexar Professional 633X 1TB SDXC card costs US$499.99 (about RM2,044) and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. As a comparison, the 512GB version costs US$209.95 (about RM858.69) while the 256GB card is going for US$109.95 (about RM449.69). Interestingly, retailer B&H in the US had listed the 1TB Lexar card for US$399.99 (about RM1,636).


Alexander Wong