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Go Jek extends service to more areas in Singapore

After a beta launch in November, Indonesia's ride-hailing service Go Jek is now officially and fully available in Singapore

Image: Malaymail

After a beta launch in November, Indonesia’s ride-hailing service Go Jek is now officially and fully available in Singapore. The island city is part of the service’s massive US$500 million expansion into Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, Vietnam and the Philipines.

However, there are no plans to enter the Malaysian market in the foreseeable future

On Tuesday, Go Jek said the decision to extend their service to cover the whole Island due to the success of its earlier beta launch in late November.

Initially, the service was limited to rides around the eastern and south-central parts of Singapore were available. Now, Go Jek is available in more than half of the island, including the Central Business District, Jurong East, Changi, Punggol, Ang Mo Kio as well as Sentosa. Users were granted access in batches to balance ride demand and service capabilities

Go Jek provides similar services to one of its main competitors, Grab. Users are able to book rides, order food, request for deliveries and pay for purchases from within the Go Jek app.

Go Jek pioneered the use of motorcycles instead or cars for its ride-hailing service. This was born out of necessity where Go Jek started its service, in Jakarta, a city crippled by traffic congestion. Motorcycles allow users to circumvent the traffic problem in the city.

Interestingly, Gojek has introduced dynamic pricing in an attempt to balance both the supply and the demand for its ride hailing services. This means that the prices would increase or decrease based on the demand of its service, similar to the system that’s implied on Grab. This would help to cut down the waiting times for both the passengers and its drivers.

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