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Oops. Huawei’s official Twitter account posted a Tweet using an iPhone

A blunder is not the way you want to start the New Year but it looks like Huawei has earned themselves the distinction of being the first tech company to commit a gaffe when a tweet from an official Huawei Twitter account, Huawei Technologies, was posted using gasp an iPhone.

At time of writing to the tweet is still available on the account’s timeline. The bungle was discovered by unofficial Twitter police, Marques Brownlee of the popular YouTube channel MKBHD.

While the account mainly talks about Huawei’s communications and network technologies, Huawei is more popular for its mobile devices and to have a tweet posted using an iPhone, a competitor product, is rather embarrassing. Especially when you consider the account has close to 500,000 Twitter followers.

And as we’ve found out from our friend Joshua Wong, @Huawei is not the only Huawei Twitter account guilty of tweeting using iPhone. @HuaweiMalaysia‘s tweet to usher in the New Year was also tweeted from an iPhone. @HuaweiMalaysia even retweeted the tweet posted by the main Huawei account!

Typically, big companies have digital agencies to manage their social media accounts. It’s safe to assume that Huawei has at least one agency looking after its social media account.

Not pushing blame to the agency here but like Samsung, many of the Huawei employees we know use Huawei phones. So it is very unlikely for the person posting the tweet was someone that worked directly for Huawei.

How can this be avoided? Well first of all, don’t use an iPhone if you work for a competitor brand. The next thing is to not post directly from the Twitter app. If you’re managing multiple accounts, its safe to do it from a social media engagement tool like Hootsuite.

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Interestingly, it was only last month that MKBHD discovered a Samsung twitter account that did the same thing.