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You can pre-order the Asia-only special edition Chinese New Year Lego sets today

Yes, yes, it’s a bit of a Lego day today at SoyaCincau but I’m pretty sure many of you are huge Lego fans and would like to know about this.

Earlier, I wrote about the two very special Asia-only Lego sets that are going on sale in Malaysia on January 1st 2019. These two special Lego sets commemorate Chinese New Year celebrations and are special because they are sold in Asia Pacific countries only and nowhere else.

Naturally, there will be a huge demand for these sets especially from Lego fans outside of Asia. A special Lego set with limited availability is the perfect recipe for scalping. You can expect that there will be a long line in front of Lego stores with people eager to get their hands on these sets and many will be scalpers.

Well, thanks to the miracle of online shopping, you can beat the scalpers and pre-order the sets the right now from Brick Magic. The Chinese Festival Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner set (order here) sells for RM269.00 while the Chinese Festival Dragon Dance set (order here) is RM249.00.

For orders in Klang Valley, get ready to add RM15 to the final cost. Shipping will cost slightly more for orders outside of KV and even more for Sabah and Sarawak. Stocks are still available at the time of posting this article. The sets ship from January 2 onwards.

Buying online means you don’t have to stand in line or hunt around different Lego stores for the sets, but you do run the risk of getting the Lego box damaged while in transit. If you’re an MISB collector, that’s a big problem.

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In any case, hope the information is useful. Let me know if you’ve ordered your set already or if you’re going to get yours in store on the day.

Amin Ashaari