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Apple’s new iOS 12.1.2 update is causing mobile connectivity issues

iOS 12.1.2 problem

A few days ago, Apple had pushed its latest iOS 12.1.2 update. This was supposed to fix some connectivity issues in Turkey and bugs related to eSIM activation on the iPhone XS, XR and XS Max. However, it appears to be causing bigger problems around the world.

According to some users, they are having difficulty accessing cellular data despite having to re-insert their SIMs or hard resetting their devices. This also allegedly affects the ability to make or receive voice calls. Others have complained getting a “no service” status after updating to iOS 12.1.2. It isn’t clear how many users are affected in Malaysia but our iPhone XS on Maxis is currently working fine.

For those who have yet to update, it is advisable to stay put with your current iOS version until the next update. To ensure that your device doesn’t auto update, you can go to Settings > General > Software Update and disable Automatic Updates.

Hopefully, Apple will release a new update before Christmas Day.

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Alexander Wong