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Samsung could be working on a camera mode similar to Huawei’s ‘Night Mode’ and Google’s ‘Night Sight’ called ‘Bright Night’

It looks like Samsung wants to get in on the low-light action with its very own “night mode” for its smartphones.

Image processing on smartphones have come a long, long way and it is quite amazing to see the pictures that really good smartphone cameras can churn out. The two biggest advancements I’ve seen in smartphone cameras are image stabilisation and the ability to take really good pictures in low light without the need to use a tripod or additional light sources.

Take the low-light modes on the Mate 20 Pro and Pixel 3 that the team tested recently, the low-light pictures from both phones are genuinely impressive so much so that it was actually fun to shoot low-light scenes with them just to see the many little details that the two cameras were able to pick up.

While Huawei was first out of the gate with its very impressive ‘Night Mode’ first seen on the P20 Pro, Google’s ‘Night Sight’ is not bad either and now it looks like Samsung wants to get in on the low-light action with its very own “night mode” for its smartphones.

The team over at XDA Developers have discovered evidence that Samsung is indeed working on its own “night mode”. The clue is contained within the codes in Samsung’s latest One UI (Android Pie) beta firmware. The codes also reveal that the mode may be called “Bright Night”.

The evidence was discovered by the XDA Developer team inside the Samsung Camera APK for the latest Galaxy Note 9 One UI/Android Pie build and it is rather compelling. Here are the strings that they’ve discovered:

<string name=”Title_bright_night”>Bright night</string>
<string name=”smart_tips_bright_night_description”> Suggest mode to take bright pictureseven in very dark conditions. </string>
<string name=”super_night_guide_capture”> Hold your phone steady. Takingpicture. </string>
<string name=”super_night_guide_ready”> Brighten up this shot with Brightnight. </string>
<string name=”bright_night_summary”> Take bright pictures even in very darkconditions </string>
<string name=”SM_NIGHT”> Night </string>
<string name=”SM_NIGHT_description”> Take multiple shots and combine themto get brighter, clearer pictures in low light without using the flash. </string>
<string name=”bright_night_summary”> Take bright pictures even in very darkconditions. </string>

Typical with any new feature from Samsung, you can expect that the ‘Bright Night’ camera mode, if it is indeed true, will be making its debut together with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.

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The galaxy S10 is expected to make its debut as early as 20th February 2019. According to sources, pre-orders are expected to start immediately after the launch and the Galaxy S10 could be available in stores from Friday, 8th March 2019. Since Malaysia is a key market for Samsung, you can be sure that we will be among the first countries to get it.

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