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Pocophone F1 low-light camera performance much improved with Google Night Sight port

The Pocophone F1 is possibly this year’s favourite phone. What’s not to like? The device packs high-performance flagship hardware at a third of the price. While the camera on the Pocophone F1 is not outstanding, it’s not that bad either and the low-light performance not what I can consider on par with flagship devices.

If you’ve struggled to get good shots from your Pocophone F1 in low light conditions, you might want to give this Google Night Sight port a try. 

XDA senior member Sreekantt has released a fully-functional Pixel 3 Camera APK for the Pocophone F1. The working features in this modded app include Night Side, ZSL HDR+, HDR+ Enhanced, portrait mode on the front and the back camera as well as video recording up to 4K 30FPS.

Do note that the modded Google Camera port only works on Android 9 Pie or MIUI Pie Beta 8.11.7 and above.

YouTuber Max Lee has also posted a video on how the Pixel 3 Camera can drastically improve the low-light performance of the Pocophone F1. From what I’ve seen from the video, the results are rather amazing, especially when you are to compare to the pictures taken from the Pocophone F1’s camera app. The pictures taken with Google’s Night Sight is noticeably sharper and clearer.

With Night Sight, Google mentioned that it is possible to take well-lit shots in dim lighting environment without having to use flash or even a tripod. Google does this through its HDR+ technology, which helps to boost the colours and brightness of photos taken in the dark.

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There’s a working port of the Google Camera app with Night Sight for the Honor Play, Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro so if you have those devices and you want to give Night Sight a try, click here.

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Also a special shout out to @Dotz on Twitter for the heads up.